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Support Times:   CleanlyRun Support Hours are 9am - 9pm (U.S. Eastern time),  Monday - Friday.   (U.S. Federal holidays excepted.) or   We provide written support (via the application's Member Support Form) for our subscribers (and trial customers).

Regarding telephone support:   We do not provide support over the phone.  Our software service is very affordably priced and we offer numerous time-tested self-help options (noted below).

Video Tutorials, Written Help/Tips and Sample Bids:   We encourage our new trial members to avail themselves of the self-help that we have created, especially the application's Bid Creation videos.   (Our customer feedback indicates that they really help!)   In addition, please check out the written Help and Tip links that are included on every step.   And keep in mind that there are over 30 Sample Bids within the application to review and test.

At-a-Glance Bid Analysis:   Each bid includes a (color-coded) button that, when clicked, invokes a pop-up box that analyzes it for (high level) issues.  Summary information is also displayed for each step.

Frequently Asked Questions:   We maintain a general FAQ page on our public website as well as a more application-specific one within the Bidware.

We keep it in-house:   A knowledgeable CleanlyRun employee will respond to your inquiry.  We do not outsource our support or employ unqualified support staff.


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