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CleanlyRun.com -  Lightbulb of Ideas
CleanlyRun.com -  Lightbulb of Ideas
CleanlyRun.com -  Lightbulb of Ideas
CleanlyRun.com -  Lightbulb of Ideas

Long story short:   We ended up building the janitorial bidding software that we were searching for...

Long story long:   My name is Drake Thomas and I've been in the cleaning business over 35 years.  I started out at age nineteen, supplementing the income from my full time job by cleaning my sister Linda's house once a week (for $40 cash).  It took me about two hours to clean, so I averaged about $20 an hour.  I was making four times the minimum wage rate (back then) and she got a clean house for a week!  That's a win/win in my book!

I saw that there was good money in cleaning, but it wasn't my dream job at that time; I had other life plans to pursue...  (Meanwhile, Linda was embarking on a computer programming career and kept urging me to get a college degree as well.)  So, over the next five years, I worked in sales and went to college part time, receiving an AA degree in Computer Information Systems.   I learned a lot about computers, but I didn't end up pursuing that career path.  (However, I did meet my lovely wife Kristin at that school and we just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary!)

Just before I graduated, an opportunity arose to take over a tiny floor care company (stripping, waxing and polishing floors).  The owners, an older couple with a handful of accounts, were moving out of the area in a couple of months.  I made them an offer of $5,780, which was the total value of all their equipment if purchased new.  The deal was that I would give them a deposit of $2,500 - (from a credit union signature loan) - and work with them at night (for free) during a two month training period.   The balance would be paid off in six monthly installments from my business profits.  They happily agreed.  So for a while, I worked a day job in sales, attended college part time and then stripped floors at night (sometimes until 5am).  Then I got up at 7am to do it again.  At the end of my two month training period, I quit my day job.   I figured if I could sell for "them", I could sell for myself.  Initially, I only offered floor care, but I pretty quickly started bidding - and winning bids - for complete janitorial services.

This calculated risk paid off, but isn't life full of risks?  The fruit is at the end of the branches.  During my career, I've read hundreds of books on business management, motivation, goal setting, systems, sales/marketing techniques, cash flow, customer retention, budgets, planning, cost cutting and the list goes on.  But my number one book concerning business is the book of Proverbs.   It has taught me more about business than any other by far.  Things like “mere talk leads to poverty” (take action!), "all hard work returns a profit" (don't be lazy!), and “seek wisdom more than choice gold or fine silver” (knowledge is power!).

Over the years, I've won hundreds of janitorial jobs like floor waxing, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, specialty work and supply sales for Banks, Car Dealerships, Churches, Corporate Offices, Day Cares, Dentist Offices, Doctor's offices, Hair Salons, Hospitals, Ice Cream Parlors, Law Firms, Medical Facilities, Pawn Shops, Property Management, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Schools, Veterinary Clinics, and just about everything in between. What's the secret you ask?  There is no secret!  Just decades of hard work, determination and faith.  Plus years of trial and error developing a systematic bidding method for my own cleaning business that has generated millions in sales.  A system that works!

This bidding system is available to you now.  Welcome to CleanlyRun Janitorial Bidware! If you're looking for the right janitorial bidding software to help you win more bids, you've found it.  Over two years of development has gone into the creation of this software.  Not only is it designed to bid the way that I've bid and won hundreds of times, but the behind the scenes team of software programmers have integrated the latest business rules technology to capture every nuance of successful bidding.  This team is headed up by - you guessed it - none other than my sister Linda.  Her expertise from consulting on a multitude of Fortune 500 IT projects have made CleanlyRun come to life.  I half kiddingly tell people that I'm a Grand Master Janitor, but Linda is truly a Grand Master Programmer!  Call it fate, destiny, or a match made in Heaven, but don't call it coincidence.  My love and gratitude to her.

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