Just Released! CleanGuidePro’s New Residential Cleaning option!

We know you love using our Janitorial Bidware to produce amazing Janitorial and Construction Clean proposals in minutes.  And we heard you when you asked for more…

CleanGuidePro is pleased to announce that our Janitorial Bidding Software now includes a Residential bidding option!

Wow your potential clients when you present (or email) a beautiful Residential proposal that stands head and shoulders above your competitors’ bids in both accuracy and professionalism.

Best of all, this upgrade is free for our members.  If you haven’t checked us out yet, try our 30 Day Free Trial and start winning more Janitorial and Construction and – at last – Residential Cleaning bids!

Just another reason that CleanGuidePro Janitorial Bidware is truly your winning edge!


CleanGuidePro Successful Residential Cleaning bidderDrake


P.S. Look for yet another bidding option to come out very soon – Apartment Move Outs!