The Power of the Donut – Top 12!

Donut ManLet’s have some fun…

What’s the power of the donut? What is it about this configuration of sugar and dough (and glaze and cream and jelly and maybe sprinkles) that motivates employees and make them feel appreciated? Why is the donut mightier than the cookie, the brownie or the pizza?

I’m not exactly sure, but after 25 years of giving my janitorial employees movie tickets, atta boys, bonuses, gift certificates and handshakes, nothing has brought on bigger smiles than a box of donuts at the start of a work shift!  Maybe giving a donut for no particular reason says I love and appreciate you and the work that you do. Yep, I think it’s the love, that’s what I’m going with!

Let me be a little more specific. It’s the box of assorted dozen donuts that does the trick. There’s something for everyone. Don’t like chocolate, go for the glazed. Don’t like sprinkles, go for the bear claw.  Everyone’s happy!

Let me give you a dozen assorted ways to make your employees love you!

  1. PLAIN GLAZED DONUT: The original yummy. If an employee doesn’t like this one, you might think about replacing them.
  2. CHOCOLATE GLAZED: My personal favorite. Unless they hate chocolate, they will feel the love.
  3. BEAR CLAW: Not really a donut, but someone will like it. If this is their first choice, keep an eye on them.
  4. CHOCOLATE ECLAIR: Again, not really a donut, but they will draw straws for this one. Probably wise to get a couple of these.
  5. VANILLA GLAZED: For the few that don’t like chocolate. Again, keep an eye on the chocolate haters.
  6. GLAZED JELLY FILLED: Blueberry or Raspberry is best. If no one likes it, I’ll eat it and be happy.
  7. SPRINKLES ON TOP: I don’t really like or get this one, but I respect and accept the employee that does.
  8. APPLE FRITTER CRULLER: Usually there’s one odd employee that loves this one. I accept this oddball.
  9. CARAMEL COFFEE CREAM: Not my top choice, but any coffee lover will like this one.
  10. CHOCOLATE ICED WITH CUSTARD FILLING: Well duh..this should be a “Do you like this donut” question on your employment application, and a “No” answer should disqualify this applicant!
  11. CHOCOLATE ICED WITH CREAM FILLING: This is a good donut if you didn’t get a custard filled one.
  12. POWDERED CAKE: My least favorite, but someone will love it. Get rid of this person anyway.

Remember, donuts are the key to employee satisfaction.  No April foolin’…


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